Summer School 2023

Convergence Science in Action

UCAR campus in Boulder, Colorado
August 7-11, 2023

The Institute for Geospatial Understanding through an Integrated Discovery Environment, I-GUIDE, led a week-long Summer School in August 2023 on Convergence Science in Action. Certain complex and compelling societal problems require a convergent research approach, when knowledge, tools, and modes of thinking from multiple disciplines are strategically integrated and merged. About 35 graduate students and early career scholars collaborated with project members of I-GUIDE to develop novel solutions to complex problems that rely on computation- or data-intensive geospatial data science. The participants experienced the collaborative and professional interactions that are key to comprehensively working on convergence science problems, including geoethics, geo-enabling reproducible and open science, geovisualization, and geoAI and spatial data science via cloud and high-performance computing.

This year our application areas included topics such as climate change, biodiversity, water security, sustainable development, and implications of these as studied via social science data.


  • Mohan Ramamurthy, UCAR  (
  • Anand Padmanabhan, UIUC (
  • Eric Shook, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • Diana Sinton, University Consortium for Geographic Information Science
  • Shaowen Wang, UIUC

Have questions?  Please reach out to Mohan Ramamurthy or Anand Padmanabhan.

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