Summer School 2023: Propose a Problem Set

During the August 2023 Summer School, teams of graduate students and early-career scholars will work on sets of research problems (one team for each problem). Active work is conducted Monday through Thursday, and presentations of the results are presented on Friday.

Submit a problem set now to be included on the list from which participants will choose. Problems and their questions should be suitable and appropriate for addressing in the time available, and data must be ready ahead of time. We do not want participants to spend excessive time data “wrangling” before they can begin. In coordination with the Mentors, the Summer School leadership may suggest to break up large problems and large data sets into separate questions.

Once Summer School participants have been selected, they will be presented with the full list of potential problems and indicate their 1, 2, and 3rd choice of problems on which to work.  Thus their selections will determine the final set of problems we offer. Once we know the available skill sets of of participants and the requirements of the particular problems, Summer School leaders will organize team membership to ensure that necessary and appropriate skill sets are represented across the groups. We expect to support up to 6 different teams working on 6 different problems.

Propose a Problem Set for Summer School 2023
Please select one or more option.
If you indicated "Other" above, please describe briefly here your application area.
Please select one or more option.
Briefly (< 150 words) describe the problem that you are seeking to address. Include the specific question(s) that you hope to answer, and make it clear how your problem is relevant to the application area(s) AND the sub-themes.
Briefly (< 100 words) describe the data that will be available to be used and its sources.
List what software, platforms, tools, and/or techniques or methods are expected or anticipated to be used.
List what computer languages are expected or anticipated to be used.
Active participation to guide and direct your team is expected.
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