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Transfer Learning for Semantics Image Segmentation

Explore the application of the Segmentation Models Library for streamline delineation in this hands-on Jupyter notebook. Fine-tune pre-trained models like UNet, LinkNet, PSPNet, and FPN to achieve accurate streamlines segmentation.

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Accessing and utilizing IPUMS NHGIS Data using Python API

This notebook demonstrates uses and functionality of the API interface provided by IPUMS for NHGIS to access and request data in a reproducible and documentable Python workflow.

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Visualization of data in a THREDDS server on I-GUIDE Platform

A demonstration of how to access, subset, and visualize Analysis of Record for Calibration (AORC) forcing data that is stored in HydroShare’s THREDDS catalog

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Vulnerability Analysis for Aging Dam Infrastructure

This workflow addresses whether and where socioeconomically disadvantaged populations are vulnerable to disasters caused by potential aging dam failures by analyzing 419 federal dams in the conterminous US.

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Community Hydrological Model support on I-GUIDE platform

WRFHydro is a leading-edge, open-source community hydrometeorological and hydrologic modelling system developed by NCAR. The I-GUIDE platform integrates various state-of-the-art cyberinfrastructure (CI) capabilities to support Community Hydrological Modelling. It is the code base for the NOAA National Water Model (NWM).

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