2023-2024 Community Champions Application Form

This cohort of Community Champions is limited to individuals who are at mid- or later-career position, defined for this project as having the rank of Associate or Full professor, or someone who has been working in their field for at least 10 years.
Note: Only individuals currently affiliated with a UCGIS Member institution are eligible to participate in this program. Check this membership list to confirm your institutional eligibility (https://www.ucgis.org/members).
Briefly (in 300 words or less) describe your proposed project. Examples include, but are not limited to, the development of Educational Content Creation, Case Studies, Interactive Learning Materials, Evaluative Activities, Localization and Translation, or Documentation and User Guides. For more details on any of these, please see the UCGIS Community Champions webpage at https://www.ucgis.org/i-guide.
Producing and delivering an element of community outreach, such as offering a webinar, writing a blog posting, or contributing a short article to the I-GUIDE newsletter, is a required component of these projects during the project year. In this way we advance understanding about geospatial data science and convergent science problem-solving to a more general audience. Describe briefly (in 200 words or less) what you would want to pursue in this arena during your term as a UCGIS I-GUIDE Community Champion.
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If you choose, you can upload one document here that includes both your Project Description and Outreach Activity. The document should be in Word or PDF format.
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Please provide a brief CV, resume, or biosketch that details your education and research experiences. The document should be succinct (not to exceed two pages) and should be in Word or PDF format. Name your CV: yourfirstname_yourlastname_CV.
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